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How do I backup my timers and workouts?

If you've enabled the automatic backup in your device's settings (under Backup and Factory reset etc usually), and use the same Google account when setting up the new phone at first start, it will be restored immediately along with the app itself without the need to even download it. As the app supports this process it automatically saves the database and app settings to be automatically restored on any new device.

If this hasn't happened on a new device we can assume it wasn't set up/enabled or the Google account was added later on or a device/manufacturer specific backup interfered or similar.

What you can do then is to transfer workouts from your old device to the new one by simply touching them together. See the next section.

In an upcoming future version, 2.0, the workouts will instead automatically sync among all your devices through your Google account, but it's a spare time project so can't promise an estimated date for that.

Send workouts to another phone or tablet

Transfer workouts by going into the workout you would like to send and put the receiving device back to back with the sending device. It will beep or vibrate and the receiving phone will popup a question about accepting the workout (regardless if being in the app or not). Press accept and it's transferred and added to that device's workouts. Repeat for any other workouts you would like to exchange.

If you are doing this yourself it might be a bit tricky to accept the transfer while holding both devices. Consider getting someone else to hold one of the devices.

If nothing happens, please make sure that both devices have NFC and/or "Android Beam" enabled in the device settings.

Please also make sure that only one device is in an actual workout in the app, or else both will try and send at the same time. The receiving device doesn't actually have to be in the app at all actually, but just stay in the list of workouts and it will work fine for example.

Note that if the receiving device doesn't even have the app it will automatically be redirected to install it instead.

I upgraded the app but the ads are still showing.

That should certainly not happen. There are a few simple things to try:

  1. There is a button to re-check the upgrade lower down where you make the upgrade, what happens when you try that?
  2. What if you restart the app (please restart it by swiping it away from the recent app list) or restart the phone ?
  3. Can you verify that the purchase actually went through? In many cases it was simply not finished. If the purchase was successful you will almost immediately get an email from Google Play. The subject of the email usually starts with "Your Google Play Order Receipt ...". Maybe check your spam filters to make sure it wasn't lost there.
    • Please double check that it says that the purchases was made, and didn't fail in the email!

Do the ads still show up? If all else fails I will of course refund the purchase and you may or may not retry the procedure. Please send the order number, from the Google Play order receipt, the email subject usually starts with "Your Google Play Order Receipt". Send it to

I have problems with the text to speech

It will speak the text you enter on each timer, not the time etc, so you need to have text entered. Is that so?

For the testing here I assume text-to-speech is enabled in the app's setting? Just checking!

1. Again: Please confirm that you have have you entered a name/description for the timers you are testing this with!

2. Change the sound settings back and forth between basic and choose a specific sound. Yes this might sound strange or unrelated but this worked for another user actually. Check the settings in the app (menu in the upper right -> settings) and then the sound setting check box. There are two of them, one for the entire workout and one setting for the sound on each individual timer. Actually there are two for each of those. First try checking the Basic Sound setting for both timers and workouts. Does it work then? What if you uncheck those and choose your own sounds (just below the Basic Sound setting).

Switch back to what you would like. Does it work now?

3. If still no text-to-speech. What phone model do you have. Some have conflicting versions of text-to-speech active, for example Samsung phones can have this problem, but others as well.

Unfortunately Text-to-Speech can be a bit complicated on Samsung phones as Samsung has their own Text-to-Speech function in addition to Google's and depending on your phone settings conflicting choices can make it not work in some apps, especially depending on language used. Which language do you have set there:

    1. Check which one, Samsung or Google, you are using/want to use on your phone by going to: Phone Settings --> Language and input --> Text-to-speech output
    2. If trying the Google Text to Speech: Verify that your language is available, downloaded and selected, on your phone please click this: Phone Settings --> Language and input --> Text-to-speech output --> Google Text-to-speech Engine --> Settings --> Install Voice Data

If this is indeed the problem, try to change between which Text-to-Speech "engine" to use, Google's or Samsung's, whichever you are using right now, switch to the other. Unfortunately there are two(!) settings for this, so it could say Samsung in one place but still use the Google one. And further complicating this is the language used, if your language isn't downloaded/selected it will also silently fail.

For more details and pictures please see this (link: